Please note: this item is handmade to order and due to high demand it will take approximately 4-6 months to fulfill.  Thank you for your patience.


The Barset is the perfect addition to your wetbar or kitchen.  This small cutting board and knife combo is great for slicing up fruit and herbs for your favorite cocktails, while also useful for a number of other kitchen chores.  It's a wonderful entertainment piece and is sure to be a great conversation starter at your next gathering.


The knife is made from 52100 carbon steel.  This is one of my personal favorite blade steels for two reasons: first, it holds and takes, an edge like a dream.  Second, it ages ever so gracefully.  Let me explain: the more you use this knife, the more it will show its use.  This blade will begin to patina almost immediately after you cut into your first lime.  Over time, your blade will become more and more discolored, as it collects various shades of gray, blue, and purples, giving your knife a uniqueness that's yours alone. Additionally, the knife is fit with classic white bone handles.  Like the blade, these handles will age beautifully over time, and slowly develop a rich, creamy ivory tone.


For the cutting board, I use Texas Mesquite.  This is one of the most dimensionally stable woods known to man, making it a great cutting board material.  We take two slices of mesquite to expose its beautiful grain, match them together, slot the middle, and secure rubber feet to the bottom to give you a non-slip, bar ready cutting board.


NEVER put this knife in the dishwasher.  Always wash and dry by hand.  Clean the cutting board with warm water, never soap.  Maintain the wood's natural luster with mineral oil or any cutting board cream.


Knife's overall length is 9.5", blade length is 4.5".  Cutting board is 9" in diameter.



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